BMV Property Deals

As a property investor, your main goal is to be able to invest your money into properties that can offer you strong returns on your investment. Whether that be through the addition of property value through refurbishment and improvement or through the rental returns that the property can offer and that is where BMV property deals are ideal for investors.

BMV property deals are properties that are being sold for a price that is less than the true market value and while many of these properties will require additional work to be able to bring the property back to its true market value, in many cases the deals are very attractive to investors that are looking to make maximum returns on their investment.

While many property deal sourcers are willing to provide you with property investment opportunities that are being offered as low as 10% BMV, at Vie Investment Properties we believe that we are judged by the standard of the deals that we have to offer and that is why we only promote BMV property deals that offer a minimum of 15% discount on true market value.

This means that the deals that we have to offer present all of our investors with the best possible BMV property deals available in the UK, both on the market and privately sourced off market BMV property deals that are direct to vendor.

bmv property deals

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Are BMV property deals good investments?

We are often asked whether BMV property deals are good for new or experienced property investors and the simple answer to that is that they are some of the best investments that you can make within the property industry as you are buying properties for less than they are worth, giving you the chance to be able to add instant equity into your latest addition to your portfolio.

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Where can I find BMV properties?

Our team of experienced and fully compliant deal sourcers only source BMV property deals within their specialist area, allowing them to use their research and local knowledge to locate, negotiate and package the best BMV properties for our investors via our investor list.

We have a large deal sourcing network of partners that have been carefully selected and chosen for their professionalism, honesty and eye for a fantastic property deal, making sure that each deal that is presented to our investors is completely researched and checked to the highest level, a promise that we are so sure about that we offer a guarantee, if the deal sold is not as sold, we refund the investor quickly to allow you to pursue other options.

You can find out more about our guarantee on our about us page.

Best BMV property deal locations

We are often asked whether there are specific areas that offer the best BMV property deals within the UK however with the team that we have behind us here at Vie Investment Properties, we are proud to be able to source UK BMV properties in almost every area of the country.

Some of our most popular BMV property deals for investors come from areas that some other deal sourcing companies don’t believe they can find deals within, including but not limited to:

BMV Property in London
BMV Property in Manchester
BMV Property in Birmingham