Complaints Procedure

Ensuring our high standards are fulfilled to make investments as simple as possible

Our level of service and professionalism is a huge part of our reputation and because of that we aim to ensure that every single one of our investors and deal sourcers are happy when we bring them together.

Due to this commitment, we offer a complaints procedure that is designed to offer both parties the opportunity to reach an agreement should a deal not work out, however ultimately the grievance is legally between both active parties within the deal.

Although we look to supply support to both parties, our aim is to monitor and take action against problems that help to improve our level of service to our members and that is why we ask both our investors and third-party deal sourcers to offer a star rating for deals that we help them to connect.

We believe that the level of service should be premium, whether investors are part of our VIE VIP community or a regular user and that means that should a rated for either dealer or investor fail to be higher than a neutral 3-star rating we will look to establish what issues occurred.

Should either party be found to have acted outside of the level of service that we require, the party would be removed from being able to work with other users from the same category for a set time period of 3 years.

If you believe that you have reason to make a complaint or feel that the level of service did not meet expectation, please notify us at the earliest opportunity so that we can look to rectify and establish a solution to the problem if possible.

You can contact our complaints department on the following email.