Privacy & cookies policy

More about how we collect data, what we use it for and how you can block cookies from your computer.

Vie Investment Properties take privacy seriously and that is why we have taken steps to ensure that any information that you provide to the company is contact based only via our website, ensuring that any personal information is dealt with under current EU privacy laws for limited companies.

While we do keep personal information to a minimum, we do make use of cookies on our website in order to allow us to be able to enhance our website to create a better user experience and provide you with the information that you are looking for when you use our website.

In order to offer clarity, we believe that you should be able to know what cookies are used on the website so that you are informed of their use and purpose, giving you the option to prevent them from being used via your internet browser should you feel that you would prefer they were not used.

What information do we collect when you use our website?

Personal Information

As we have previously mentioned, Vie Investment Properties have a policy to keep personal information free of use on our website, unless completely required to be able to offer you our service.

This means, the only personal information that we collect would be your email address should you choose to sign up to our property deals newsletter, which is free to all users and includes properties between 15-24% ROI.

This information is collected via a third-party service called MailChimp and allows us to be able to collate email contacts and provide a newsletter for our users in order to send property deals to them via their inbox.

These email addresses are stored within their third-party service and as one of the largest newsletter distribution softwares on the market to date, they have all legal requirements in place to ensure that your email address is safe.

Vie Investment Properties may work with partnered companies however we will NEVER sell your email address or contact information for any purpose.

Should you wish to remove your email address from our records, each newsletter will have an unsubscribe link within the lower section of the mail, simply click that link and your email will be removed from the records but will mean that you will no longer receive the property deals newsletter.


Cookies are small data packets that are used on almost every website on the internet, they provide information that is non-personal and unidentifiable to our systems to be able to allow us to better understand your use of our website and services.

This information is then used by our technical team to help to tailor a better user experience on our website as reported in Google Analytics, which could show us how you found our website, which pages were of interest and any other interactions you had while on our site.

Google Analytics data is purely for the development and improvement of our website and again is not identifiable to any user, simply collated as a complete dataset and charted against other sections of our website.

If you would like to block these cookies, please do so via your selected internet browser.