Are you a property deal sourcer?

Are you a property deal sourcer that finds fantastic investment opportunities but can’t seen to find the right investors for each deal you have?

Does that mean that all of the hard work, time and effort that you have put into that deal has just gone to nothing?

The fact is, as a deal sourcer you have to take the chance that investors are going to be either in a position to, or looking to, add to their property portfolio when your deals become available and we don’t need to tell you that deals are time sensitive do we?

Vie Investment Properties wants to work with you!

We offer a wider reach to property investors that are ready to add to their portfolio, have an interest in deals across the UK and we offer that are a drastically reduced co-deal sourcing fee of 35% of your fee (Min £750) per successful deal.

Why partner with Vie Investment Properties?

Vie Investment Properties are looking for property deal sourcers that are fully compliant and operating and will offer them the chance to be able to sell their best property investment deals via our network of investors.

You simply need to provide us with the details of the deal that you have available and we will showcase it to our investors, then should that deal be of interest to them, we would operate within the middle of both you and the investor to ensure the deal is as advertised.

We take full payment of the property deal sourcing fee before you release more detailed information about the deal, which will sit within a client money account, once the deal has been confirmed to be financially correct and both parties are happy to proceed, we release the sourcing fee into your bank that same day.

If the deal doesn’t stack, they get their fee back.

  • Best co-deal sourcing rates in the market at 35% (Min £750)
  • Deal seller and investor protection
  • Investors that are looking for UK wide deals
  • Never let a property deal you sourced go unsold again
  • We grow our investor list so that you don’t need to
  • Commercial and Residential property investors

Please note that all deal sourcers that are accepted into our network must be fully compliant and we will request proof of memberships and insurances via email before we can share your deals with our investors.