UK Property Deal Sourcer

Property deal sourcers are an increasingly common service within the property market and are companies or individuals that help property investors to be able to accelerate their portfolio growth with profitable purchases across the world.

While property sourcers operate across the world, they generally operate within a specific location region in order to be able to offer a complete property purchase packaging deal, which should include the ability to not only locate potential investments but to also view, assess and research the suitability of the house to gain a knowledge of the return of investment a property can offer.

Ultimately the role of a deal sourcer is to act as a middleman between a vendor and their investor, creating a profitable UK property investment deal and making sure that the deal is as smooth as possible throughout the buying process.

Investor Property Deals UK

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The property deal sourcing market is becoming a busy place, with agents seeming to pop up all of the time, however while it is not against the law to find property deals without compliance, ultimately a deal has to be sold to an agent that meets compliance regulations and so a non-compliant dealer would need to find a partner to sell deals to you.

In this market, reputation is huge for deal sourcing agents and that is why we suggest only working with sourcing agents that you feel comfortable with working with as each and every agent will operate under their own specific contract and terms of service.

Make sure to only work with property deal sourcers that are able to produce a contract and ensure to read and accept the terms of the contract before commencing dealing within them in order to eliminate inexperienced or uncompliant agents.

Property Deal Sourcer Fees Explained

It is a standard practice that property deal sourcers ask for a finders fee for deals that they have brought to investors, however the deals should offer you enough of a ROI to make their fees affordable.

While fees are not industry set, generally you should expect that BMV property deals can come with a fee attached starting from £2,000 per property, however on deals that offer a better profitability or larger discount, these can typically increase that finders fee.

As an investor, you should be presented with the basic details of a deal that should show you the ROI that a deal can present to you, as well as a clear indication of the fee that the property sourcer is asking for the deal.

Remember that these fees are designed to cover the work that they have undertaken to generate the deal for you, including viewing the property, assessing what further spend could be needed to make the property ready to buy or let to tenants as well as covering the time that they have spent sourcing the deal.

Some deal sourcers, like Vie Investment Properties will offer a small discount on finders fees for investors that are taking multiple deals from them at the same time, however that is dependant on the individual or company rather than being a standard across the board.

Are Property Deal Sourcers FEE REFUNDABLE?

We know that in the property investment market, nothing is even one way or another, there are simply just too many aspects that can’t be anticipated if you are going to be able to leverage your money to give you the best returns.

Most deal sourcers you will have come across or spoken with before will offer a service that is specific to residential or commercial properties, or could even be focused purely on one investment strategy.

While that works well and can secure you a couple of investments per year, Vie Investment Properties are different, we aren’t a single deal sourcer, instead we have a UK wide network of compliant deal sourcers, covering all investment opportunities.

Smart property investors that are making their money work best for them are investors that consider a wide range of options and consider the financials on a per deal basis.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our investors with more property deals every single month than any of our competition, giving you the chance to scale your property portfolio as quickly and as wide as you want.

You can find out more about some of the deals that we offer here.


Vie Investment Properties have taken a step back from being a traditional deal sourcing agent, instead we spoke with investors and deal sourcers to establish a service that offers simple, smooth and safer transactions for both parties.

We operate as a service between both investor and deal sourcers, making sure that both parties are offered security when dealing with each other, as we work to make sure that deals are as advertised and handle finders fees, holding them within an escrow service until both parties confirm that the deal is proceeding.

This means that if deals are not as advertised, we can refund the finders fee for investors without too much hassle and can ensure that deal sourcers are carrying high standards, both with their deals and the way that they operate.