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As a property investor we know that you are looking for property investor deals that offer you a great return on your investment and that is why at Vie Investment Properties every single deal that we present to our investors has a minimum 15% ROI.

We established our brand after we spoke to property investors just like you, asking them about their needs, wants and requirements when it comes to investing in property, essentially allowing us to be able to understand your mindset and identify the sort of investments you want.

Vie Investment Properties have created a business that is designed to minimise your risk of buying property deals from compliant deal sourcers that you have not used before, working between you as the investor and our deal sourcers, to provide a clean and risk free service.

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Property Deals for Investors

We know that in the property investment market, nothing is even one way or another, there are simply just too many aspects that can’t be anticipated if you are going to be able to leverage your money to give you the best returns.

Most deal sourcers you will have come across or spoken with before will offer a service that is specific to residential or commercial properties, or could even be focused purely on one investment strategy.

While that works well and can secure you a couple of investments per year, Vie Investment Properties are different, we aren’t a single deal sourcer, instead we have a UK wide network of compliant deal sourcers, covering all investment opportunities.

Smart property investors that are making their money work best for them are investors that consider a wide range of options and consider the financials on a per deal basis.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our investors with more property deals every single month than any of our competition, giving you the chance to scale your property portfolio as quickly and as wide as you want.

You can find out more about some of the deals that we offer here.


Where can property investors find deals?

Vie Investment Properties offer property investors a wide range of property deals that offer a minimum 15% ROI.

We have a wide range of opportunities available, from residential properties through to commercial properties.

Are there property deals in the UK for investors right now?

The UK property market is filled with fantastic property investment deals, it is just about being able to find them.

Vie Investment Properties do the research for our investors, finding profitable deals and sending them to our investor lists weekly.

Should investors purchase UK properties right now?

The UK housing market is currently pricing houses perfectly for property investors that are looking to grow their portfolio.

With a previous house price drop and current events look set to keep prices lower than their true potential, now is the perfect time to buy property across the UK.

We have a number of fantastic opportunities available for investors in areas that are widely considered to be prime locations.

Property deals for property investors that want to grow

Vie Investment Properties understand that smart property investors are looking for the best property deals in the UK that the market has to offer, no matter of strategy, location or type.

We know that you are looking to increase your property portfolio with deals that are profitable, well researched and ready to proceed, so we have created a service that reduces risk and speeds up your growth.

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