VIE Sourcer Partnership

Use our investor network to sell your deals and get faster, more reliable sales

We know that there are a wealth of different property investment deals out there across the UK market and while we know that we would like to be able to source each and every deal that becomes available, we realise that we simply can’t compete with every deal sourcer in the market, so we approach things differently.

At Vie Investment Properties we have worked hard to increase our list of property investors that are looking to add to their portfolio, whether that be a person that is currently looking to start on their property journey or those that buy multiple properties each year.

Just like many other property deal sourcers, we believe that your experience and expertise is best used in the area that we are based and that creates the opportunity for us to be able to reach out to other property deals sourcers with the opportunity to sell their deals direct to our investors.

We believe that this not only means that we can offer one of the most competitive and successful property sourcing companies in the UK but that we can help investors to increase their property portfolio at an accelerated rate.

Have deals that you would like to sell but need the investors?

Profitable property deals are out there on the market, you just need to know where to look and that is why at Vie Investment Properties we look to partner with other deal sourcing companies to offer more deals than ever before.

Struggling to find an investor for your deal but know that time is against you?

We can help.

for more information on property sourcing partnership opportunities please see below

Deal sourcing partnership opportunities

Vie Investment Properties have a wide variety of property investors that are looking for deals to add to their portfolio and that can sometimes mean that we need to be able to offer deals outside of our West Yorkshire coverage.

This is why our deal sourcing partnership programme is so successful, we can help property deal packagers like you to connect to investors that are looking to invest and for sourcers that we approve, we can include your deals to our extensive list of contacts with a focus on selling your deal.

We offer this service to help sourcers and our investors to be able to achieve their goals and maintain a higher level of service, and our fees for this service are available as three options:

  • Option 1 – £100 deals inclusion into newsletter and 40% referral fee on payment from investor.
  • Option 2 – £500 deals inclusion into newsletter and 30% referral fee on payment from investor.
  • Option 3 – £750 deals inclusion into premium VIE VIP Newsletter and 30% referral fee on payment from investor (option only available for properties with 25%+ ROI).

Inclusion fees are per newletter inclusion and are non-refundable once the newsletter has been scheduled.

Please note that in order to maintain high levels of service to our investors, we maintain contact with both parties to ensure the deals are proceeding as required and in the interest of all investors will ask investors that work with partnership deal sourcers to provide a star rating of their experience.

Any partners deemed to be lower than a 3-star rating will be removed from the partnership programme and will be ineligible to re-apply for a minimum of 3 years.

More information about our partnership programme for property deal sourcers can be found in our FAQ section or you can contact our team directly with any questions.